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The picture collection is moving!

This site won't be updated any more. It remains here unchanged, until the successor site will be completly ready.

The new vehicle picture collection site is nearby :-) - at There are already more pictures, and it is updated more often - sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. It has a better, tree-shaped navigation pane. Some tasks are solved differently:

And it is not ready yet, there are only the download formats Traffic and MM, and MM lacks Claudio Vianini's side variation pictures. The formats for Bahnland, Opaku's TrainKit, Railway32, TrainGif are still to implement.

It is "work in progress". This old site was updated last time in 2016, and the new site a few days ago, so there are a lot of new pictures. In April 2023 the new site has about 75000 more vehicles as the old site (different sides of the same vehicle count only once).

If you find an entry on the new site, giving an error message instead of the vehicle picture, don't do anything - i get the message too. It will be fixed soon. But if you see an incorrectly shown picture, or problems in the download zip file, please drop a message for me ( ), it will help me to notice - and to fix it.

Technical details

This old site was generated off-line, on my home computer. When all pictures were already included in the Traffic program's "stock list", the site update: the preparation, generation and upload took me about an additional week. So, the site was updated only 1-2 times a year to avoid this extra work. The new site creates the pages "on the fly" from the Traffic files ( .stb and *.tvl-s). This creation needs a little bit more time for the server, than only delivering the prepared HTML, picture and archive files. Don't be surprised, that the new site's reaction is sometimes slower. But to update it I only need to upload Traffic's existing files, it's ready in minutes.
The picture collection without frames
The whole catalog in one page
Picture authors
Bildersammlung - in Deutsch
Képgyûjtemény - magyarul
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